Some Stuff and Also Some Other Stuff, None of It Particularly Remarkable.

You know what is unpleasant? Being woken up four or five times in the night by a grouchy, fussy four-year-old who is too hot, too cold, too tired, and too awake to go to sleep.

You know what is even more unpleasant? Being woken up from your afternoon nap because a tiny little gnat flew up your nose.

I speak from experience here.

The good news is that one of Art’s oriental lilies opened up today.


He planted these for me, because they’re some of my favorites. They make me smile!

Other things that made me smile today– getting the house all picked up first thing this morning, taking a shower, eating at Pizza Ranch with the kids, talking to my husband for like five whole minutes on the phone, keeping the windows open all day long, taking a nap (until the gnat incident), email chatting with my husband, and bedtime . . .

Always bedtime. Y’all might not have noticed, but I am a fan of sleep in all its myriad forms, except when the one sleeping (or falling asleep) is also the one driving. That’s bad sleep. But all the kids snug and sound in their beds? That’s good sleep.

Also, today I got a laptop cooling pad thing because recently I have feared that I was going to set my pajama pants on fire with my computer. I ordered it Monday and it came today (thank you, Amazon Prime, for all your services to humanity), and it is life changing. I am a fan of my fan. Heh.

Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo with a friend from church, which should be a delightful change of pace for all of us.

I think I’m going to go watch videos on YouTube until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I like to live on the edge.

Goodnight, everybody. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something interesting to say. But don’t count on it.



2 thoughts on “Some Stuff and Also Some Other Stuff, None of It Particularly Remarkable.

  1. that flower is gorgeous! and I love that you call it “his” but it is really for YOU! and I think this week you have needed that beauty!!! I don’t care if you have one interesting thing to say or not… I just love hearing your voice ❤

  2. Don’t worry, you weren’t alone awake last night. Mine decided it was play time at 5am, and threw a fit for an hour when I told her ‘no, it’s not time to slide, it’s time to sleep’.

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