Today I . . .

. . . mopped my kitchen floor. About a month too late, but oh well. Now I can wait and do it again in like October, right?

. . . did a crazy workout with the whole family. Things I am good at: planking, squats, jumping jacks. Things I am NOT good at: side planking, lunges, triceps dips.

. . . hugged my husband. It was awesome.

. . . tried on about ten different outfits and still don’t have anything to wear to church tomorrow. Time to get more skirts. Ack.

. . . killed a bug in the bathroom that apparently didn’t realize my husband wasn’t home yet. Rude.

. . . forgot to check the mail for the second day in a row. Oops.

. . . baked brownies and didn’t eat any. Sad.

. . . made coffee for what I hope is the last time in a long time. That is my husband’s special job!

. . . listened to Squeezy tell her daddy about two hundred times, “I missed you, Daddy.” She even said it to me a couple times.

. . . did not take a nap. Alas!

. . . am happy to be sitting in the same room with my best friend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today I . . .

  1. Michael’s job is making the coffee too. It’s awful when I make it.

    I am currently in NC and eating like I am in the south… I will FOR SURE have nothing to wear and be avoiding brownies when I get home.

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