In Which I Talk Endlessly about a Day in Which Nothing Interesting Actually Happened

Today I baked bread. That sounds more exciting than it really was, thanks to my bread machine. But the kids always make me feel like Supermom with their “fresh bread is the best thing ever” comments.

I did dishes twice today, and Art did them once, and never did we get them all done. I just couldn’t seem to get motivated to actually finish them. Monday is the weekend so I decided to let it slide. Tomorrow I’ll be kicking myself for that, but tonight I am ambivalent.

The kids had a water gun fight this morning and Squeezy got soaking wet and had to change her clothes and Darth Piggy decided that he might as well take a shower. And I kind of had to wonder, since when does my 8-year-old decide on his own to bathe? But I let that slide too, because showering never hurt a boy.

I finished a Nero Wolfe mystery this afternoon, and I took a nap. It was nice. I love naps. I may have failed to mention that before. After my nap I ate string cheese and then we all worked out. Well, most of us worked out. Squeezy pretended to work out and then decided it would be more fun to blow bubbles and shout encouraging words to us. Family workouts are fun in spite of the regular outbursts of pre-adolescent attitude from one of our children who shall remain nameless. I can now do 50 jumping jacks in 30 seconds (not always, but sometimes– I have to be careful or my feet won’t actually move the next day), and Angry Ranger has gone from a 5-second plank a week ago to nearly 25 seconds today.

Art always tells us to move like Sparkly Unicorns, so I made him this. I’m thinking of getting us all t-shirts.

sparkly unicorn society

“Exercise is the oil of the body” is just one of the many encouraging things he shouts at us while we’re doing crunches or running in place. It’s good to be married to a man who takes such things seriously.

We had Greek chicken for supper and it was yummy. Definitely a favorite family meal. Then we watched an episode of Get Smart. Then the kids went to bed, except Squeezy, who first had to have her nightly Bedtime Crisis Over Many Things. This has become a sacred and beloved bedtime tradition since we returned from our trip to Michigan three weeks ago. It is hard to imagine how very difficult it is to be four and forced to sleep on the most comfortable bed in the entire house, surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals, in a beautiful pink room with a princess night light. Truly we cannot understand her grief.

Tomorrow she starts tumbling and also we are going out for pizza afterwards. Which should almost make up for the fact that tomorrow is laundry day. Laundry day is one of the worst days ever, and unfortunately it happens every week because Art refuses to procure me a maid. I don’t even need a full maid. Just a laundress. Although if she wants to wash up all the dishes we skipped, that would be fabulous.



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