Squeezy Got a Camera Today

I bought her a VTech Kidizoom Camera at a garage sale for 2 bucks. She took more than 700 pictures on it just today. Here are some gems.

There are approximately 400 variations of this picture of her feet and legs. DC1203

Also this creepy clown, taken at another garage sale.DC1356

Some flowers.DC1516

Her brother.DC1559

Her other brother. DC1636

Me. DC1658

Art. DC1700

My dad. DC1800

My mom. DC1831

More pictures of her feet. DC1742

Apparently she could use a bath.

There are also several highly unflattering pictures of all of us adults, because apparently when you are four years old you have a camera’s-eye view of everyone’s bellies and backsides. I will not be posting those.

The last pictures I will share with you are a special series that I like to call Squeezy’s First Selfies. She’s my child, y’all. That’s all I’m saying.DC1804

DC1805 DC1811 DC1835

DC1836 DC1861 DC1936 DC1940 DC1938

This one’s my favorite.


And, just for good measure . . .


Because she learned from the master.

Have a good night, everybody! And a happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Squeezy Got a Camera Today

  1. Ah, the wonders of digital!! My first camera was 110 film…pretty much looked like those above, plus the butt shots. At 6, butt shots were cool. Oh, and kitties. lots of kitties. and butt shots. And my parents got to PAY for those shots.

  2. Your posts continue to be a blessing to me … sometimes through smiles and sometimes through tears. Thank you for taking the time to write and post them.

    Love, Sherry

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