In Which I Ramble about Glue Sticks, Jumping Jacks, and Pesto, among Other Things

Today I went grocery shopping, which was very thrilling. I also bought approximately 30 glue sticks, because they are on sale. At the rate which Squeezy has recently been using glue sticks, those might last until September.

Also today I started working in the basement. I took a bunch of before pictures but they’re too depressing to share here. So I’m just sharing one, because this is the mess I dealt with today. It’s the little space IMG_3504at the bottom of the basement stairs, and it contained a huge pile of cardboard boxes. Some were empty, some were full of garbage, and some were full of stuff that should have been unpacked about a year ago. 😛 There were more under the stairs, as well. I broke down all the empty boxes, moved the ones that need unpacking to a different spot in the basement, and filled up one big box with trash and packing material. Currently the boxes are still down there, because I’m not sure what to do with them. I need to consult with my husband about this highly pressing matter.

I also had the boys empty out a box of their belongings (a few months ago we had to confiscate a bunch of stuff and it ended up in the basement), so that’s one more box down. It’s a really big job down there, but I’m hoping that by doing about half an hour a day I can get a big chunk of it taken care of by the end of the month.

Today I also did this workout. interval workout from back on pointeIt is quite possible that Leta, the girl who invented this workout, is evil and was trying to kill me. She has this as a “beginner” workout and oh. my. word. I made it through three sets, although those star jumps? Yeah. I did about 10 seconds the first two times and then didn’t even try the third time.

Also, I have to modify the mountain climbers because my wrists don’t deal well with life when I try to put my hands flat on the floor and then support my body weight with me. But everything else I think I did pretty well, and even though I was sure I was going to die by the end, I didn’t, and I’m proud of myself for that. We’ll see how I feel about it all in the morning. It’s quite possible I won’t be able to move. In which case, I suppose I shall have to lay in bed while my family brings me cake carrot sticks.

Tonight I made one of my family’s current favorite meals, these pesto paninis from naturebox. Her recipe calls for leftover turkey, but I used chicken. Also I used homemade bread, because I was feeling all Martha Stewarty. Well, actually, I used homemade bread for everyone’s sandwich but mine. For mine I used diet bread, because life is very sad. Honestly it was excellent with the diet bread, too. Pesto is so good. I only use a little but it just brings such a delicious flavor to the sandwich. Darth Piggy is also a huge fan of pesto and would possibly eat it with a spoon if I would let him. Which I won’t, because MY PESTO.

So anyway, that’s probably enough rambling from me for one night. Maybe I’ll blog again tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. You know me. Always with the mystery and excitement.


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