2013 Year in Review– Family Picture Edition

So with 2013 behind us, I thought I’d go back and do a year-in-review post, based entirely on Facebook. Then I realized that we had way too much stuff to do only one post, so this is the first of several blog posts reviewing our year. This one is all the pictures I posted this year of our family all together. As I’ve been doing this, I have realized that I miss blogging. So I’m hoping and planning to find more time in 2014 to dump my thoughts in this space.

Happy New Year! (Or Happy Near Yew, which is what I originally typed. Awesome.)

March 31— Easter Finery

April 22— Family Adventure to the SAC Museum

May 13— Family Adventure at a county park

June 26— Greenfield Village @ the Henry Ford
06.26a 06.26b

June 27— Henry Ford Museum

June 28— Lake Michigan

August 21— after 3 days of camping.

August 22— first day of school
08.22a 08.22b

October 19— Pumpkin Patch

October 21— Family Adventure to the Loess Hills

October 25— carving pumpkins. Technically we are all in there! 😉

November 18— Christmas Card pictures. These actually were never on Facebook, because they were going in the cards, but I thought they were worthy of being shared here. 🙂
11.18a 11.18b

December 24– Christmas jammies!

December 31— Joslyn Art Museum
IMG_1200-Edit-Edit small




3 thoughts on “2013 Year in Review– Family Picture Edition

  1. Great visual of your 2013!! May you all have a wonderful and joyous and blessed 2014!!! Love and Hugs to all!! Dad/Grandpa Ken ❤ 🙂

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