2013 Year in Review– Darth Piggy Edition

January 8 A “big, mysterious package” just arrived. I told the boys they have to finish their schoolwork before we show them what’s inside. This has ALMOST caused Darth Piggy to work diligently, but not quite.

January 29 Nothing quite as funny as getting knocked down by a giant pendulum, right? That seems to be DP’s opinion, anyway.

February 4

March 4 Here we all are at the Prairie Rose State Park yesterday! It was a bit chilly for a hike, but we did it anyway. Word of advice, if you ever want to go out in the woods and see wildlife, don’t take DP with you. He made more noise then a tank brigade…but the kid seriously loves nature! He was laughing, running, splashing through half melted snow, tromping through sticky mud.

March 11 Me: I used to be able to get those Jiffy muffin mixes for 3/$1 pretty much all the time.
Squeezy: But that was before you were born.
Me: um . . .
Squeezy: No. Actually, all of us were born but Daddy wasn’t born.
Me: Was he hatched?
Art: I was grown in a laboratory.
Darth Piggy: You were born in a lavatory?

March 30

April 22

April 24 Squeezy and Darth Piggy both brought home trophies tonight from our JOY Club’s pinewood derby.

May 10

May 16 Me: Number four is “laying.” We saw a chicken laying in the road.
DP: I think that would actually be “lying,” Mom.

May 25 My middle child is being baptized tomorrow evening. I have stocked up on kleenex.

May 26

June 11 DP found a substitute for Angry Ranger, who is away at camp. I can hardly tell the difference.

June 28 DP spent a lot of time [at Lake Michigan] throwing sticks in the water and just ind of chilling on his own. I think a week of no personal space has worn on him just a bit!

July 3 Getting messy with the chalk pastels this morning!

July 4 So fun! I’m not sure the boys agreed, though. Thankfully we made it back to the ground without any actual puke, though Darth Piggy was pretty pale by the time the ride ended.

July 15

July 19 Me: We shouldn’t ever make fun of someone because they’re different from us or have a hard time doing things that we can do easily. God makes each of us exactly the way He wants us to be.
Darth Piggy: Yeah! So if He wants someone to be stupid, He just makes them stupid!!

August 12 DP is taller than four chickens and therefore could not ride the tractor.

August 22

October 7 This is a child who is just a tiny bit excited about his birthday.

October 20 For some reason, my 9-year-old has decided that the best thing in the whole world is to read stories to Squeezy, replacing about half the words with the word “brick.” Alas.

October 21 That’s DP way up there!

October 31 Darth Piggy was a pretty fierce Jedi and had some fabulous lightsaber moves.

December 20

December 23

December 24
the Ghost of Christmas Future just showed Scrooge the Cratchetts crying about Tiny Tim, and one of those big fierce boys of mine may be crying.

December 25


One thought on “2013 Year in Review– Darth Piggy Edition

  1. i knew i had missed getting over here to read this one, but i made it!!!! hooray!!! i love the picture of you two on mother’s day… great hat & glasses! and you with the boys on the roller coaster! yahoo!!! i love how DP has his own way of navigating the world from the middle of the pack 🙂 reading this, i am wondering of perhaps squeezy picks up her humor from him! {not that the rest of you don’t make me laugh!} looks like he had a great christmas and that there will be great projects to come!

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