Sonnet of Seasons
Erin Kilmer

timeFor everything on earth there is a time–
A season to be born, and one to die;
A time for laughter and a time to cry;
A day to fall and weep, a day to climb.

We do not always see the coming spring
When we are lying cold in winter’s fist.
When round our hearts lays death’s gray, chilling mist,
We cannot feel the warmth the sun will bring.

God pledges good that now waits out of sight
And life that rests securely in His hand.
Nothing can happen that He has not planned,
Shadows will disappear in heaven’s Light.

Now darkly, through a glass, is how we see;
But in His time, all beautiful will be.


For Brian, newly born in Christ on October 15th, 2015,
and for Chris, gone home to be with His Savior on the same day.
Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.


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