Porketry in Motion . . .

So. Things have been a little serious around the ol’ blog lately. And that’s okay, because I believe that what I’ve been posting has been important. Because life is hard sometimes, and I’ve been walking a hard road, and many that I love have been walking hard roads too.

However, there is a time to laugh AND a time to cry, and today at Together for Good I have officially declared it A Time To Laugh Day. And so, as promised to my Facebook friends, my Bible study girls, and my children, I present . . .

Ode to a Pig

A love song, by Erin Kilmer
With special guest artist, Uncle Arty

Artwork by Art :)

Oh pig, the odor from thy farm
Doth lack in any type of charm.
But we forgive thy stench, oh beast,
When thou art served as heav’nly feast.

Thy hams make Christmas full of cheer,
And when thy sausages come near
Our mouths would fill with songs, ’tis true,
Were they not filled with bits of you.

Thy chops! Thy chops! With applesauce
Attest, oh pig, thou art the boss,
And were thy roasts no longer here
‘Twould be a darker, sadder, year.

And now, oh pig, the grand climax:
That luscious cause of heart attacks!
That greasy joy, that salty meat!
That tasty, wondrous, fatty treat!

Thy bacon, Pig! That glorious fare
That brings us hope in the despair
Brought us by skinless chicken breast
And salad greens with lemon zest—

Thy bacon, Pig! ‘Tis gluten free!
No nuts encroach, nor yet dairy!
‘Tis good with eggs, with toasted bread,
Oh Pig, for worthy cause thou’rt dead!

I love thee, Pig! I take this vow
To ever love as I love now;
For though you’ll nevermore awaken,
Your sacrifice hath brought me bacon.



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