On a Sunday Morning

sunday selfie

The Setting: My kitchen, Sunday morning, five minutes before 9:00.

The Characters: My family.

The Scene: It’s time to get to the car and go to church.

Annnnnnd– ACTION!

Art: All right, everyone! Get your shoes and coats and get ready to leave!

Erin: Oh MAN! I forgot to get the potatoes for lunch in the oven!

Art: Uh-oh! What are you going to do?

Erin: Don’t worry, I have a plan. KIDS! Get in here and get your shoes on!

Erin: Grabs bag of potatoes, dumps a bunch in the sink. Scrubs nine potatoes.

Children: Straggle into the kitchen. Realize they do not have shoes/ Bible/ socks/ church bags/ notebooks/ offering/ half their clothing. Freak out, argue, cry, elbow each other, run upstairs to get stuff, stand around staring into space.

Art: Goes upstairs for an unknown reason and stays there for several minutes.

Erin: Pokes potatoes all over with fork. Tears off nine pieces of foil. Wraps potatoes in foil. Intervenes in argument between two children. Puts potatoes in the oven and turns it on. Checks to make sure slow cooker is warm.

Children: Begin to put on shoes and coats.

Art: Returns from upstairs, begins to put on shoes and coat.

Erin: Puts water bottle under faucet to fill, zips up Bible case, puts Bible in bag with piano music, pops morning meds, retrieves water bottle from sink and takes morning meds.

Children: Finish putting on shoes, argue about who is in whose way, open back door and begin to head toward the van.

Art: Finishes putting on coat and shoes and heads to the door.

Erin: Puts on lipstick, takes selfie and posts it on Facebook, puts on coat, runs through downstairs turning on lights.

One Child: Returns to house to retrieve coat/ Bible/ offering/ unknown object from the house.

Erin: Tosses water bottle and cell phone in purse, zips coat, closes random open cupboards, grabs purse and church bag, turns off kitchen light, pushes two chairs in as she goes past the kitchen table, walks through door as child holds open the screen, pulls door shut behind her. Wins Sunday Morning.

Annnd– cut!


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