Monday Meanderings

It’s been awhile since I blogged. Here are things that are on my mind tonight. 🙂


Last week Art and I went to a conference for pastors and pastors’ wives, and it was such a good experience. I sat in ten sessions– 8 preaching-type services and 2 workshops– and had my mind and heart stuffed so full of good stuff that by Friday I felt like I was going to burst with it. But instead of exploding my brain kind of panicked and on Saturday I literally could remember almost nothing that anyone had said. Thankfully I took copious notes. Yesterday afternoon I spent some time reading back through them, being reminded of all that rich spiritual goodness.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I often sense a theme in the messages God is bringing my way– as if He is orchestrating all these different books, Bible passages, sermons, and even blog posts and Facebook statuses to keep bringing me back to a certain idea. Maybe this only happens to me; I expect I am rather more thickheaded than the average Christian, so I guess I’m thankful that God doesn’t usually try to be very subtle in His communication with me. I’m not so good with that still, small voice, so in His mercy He sends me a marching band, three screaming preachers, and a few 2x4s to knock me over the head.

Anyway, some themes that keep coming up, again and again, in different ways and very different places–

Spiritual Warfare. Fighting against our enemy. The reality of spiritual battle, particularly in my role as a pastor’s wife. Satan’s insidious knowledge of my weaknesses and my temptations, and his desire to destroy me using that knowledge. The armor of God and the amazing, enemy-defeating reality that “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

Lies and Truth. This is closely related to spiritual warfare. Satan tempts me with lies, and my deceitful heart goes right along with them. My way of thinking is so deeply and easily affected by the comfortable lies of this world. The only way to conquer these lies is with Truth– the Truth of Scripture. My deep need to be daily in God’s Word so I know the Truth that sets me free.

My Trustworthy God. His faithfulness in the past is the foundation for my faith in the present. I can step out into what looks like nothing– go where He leads me– because His promises are true, faithful, and fully trustworthy. Trust and obey.

Compassion. The compassion He has had on me– the deep, unspeakable love poured out at the cross. The effects that kind of humbling, horrifying love should have on my life. Withholding grace and mercy from those I don’t think are deserving– this is the same as withholding Christ Himself from them.

Abiding in Christ. John 15– finding all my life in Christ. Serving Him out of love. Recognizing my deep need for Him, and trusting God with the pruning and the bringing forth of fruit, in due season.

I’m putting these here in hopes that maybe next time I don’t know what to write I can come back and find some inspiration. And also because these recurring themes act as signposts and markers as I seek to find His way for me. And they remind me of His constant care in my life.


Last Tuesday was the seventeenth anniversary of the day Art asked me to be his girlfriend. We ate Mexican food to celebrate, and chocolate pie, and we went back to the Hy-Vee where we had that momentous discussion, but the cafeteria has been upgraded to a fancy cafe that was closed. Alas for progress. But we took a selfie anyway, and the chocolate pie pretty much made up for everything anyway.


This week it’s back to school and routine and we’ve already survived a dentist appointment. On Thursday we have the kids’ homeschool group Valentine’s party because homeschoolers are smart and wait till after the holiday so that we can take advantage of clearance candy items. Thursday is also the anniversary of the day Art first told me he loved me. We will celebrate by taking one kid to guitar lessons and one kid to gymnastics lessons and also possibly by smooching embarrassingly in the kitchen.


I am reading a book of poetry by e.e.cummings. Angry Ranger opened it up tonight and looked at a couple of the poems and pronounced them “weird.” He’s not wrong. But at least I understand all the words, unlike the book of Shakespeare’s sonnets that I just finished. There is something to be said for simplicity of language. But I think that to Angry Ranger’s logical, rule-following mind, e.e.cummings will always be an enigma.


I feel like “Monday Meanderings” is a lovely name for a blog post. Maybe there’ll be more than one. I could be like a real grown-up blogger who actually posts regularly and stuff. Ha! The random is about as much as I can handle on a Monday. Especially a Monday that involved the dentist.


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