Monday Meanderings 2

Today’s Monday Meanderings post will have you wishing you had taken that quiz about who is your Secret Facebook Soulmate.


About a month ago I really started embracing the idea of a day of rest. I had always kind of looked at Sunday that way, although never in any really serious way. But in a pastor’s family, Sundays are seldom restful, even if the afternoon does include a much-needed two-hour nap. So I started taking my Mondays and putting up some pretty clear boundaries for myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes my “day off” and turns it into a catch up day.

So the new rule for Mondays (with exceptions when necessary, obviously) is no housework except what absolutely must be done to keep the house running (mainly just dishes after meals). I purposefully give myself stuff to do that I can do in my recliner, like work on my Bible study, write letters, etc. And I try to recharge by doing things that refill my tank– writing, playing the piano, reading books, napping, art projects with the family (low-key projects; we’re not talking 20-step Pinterest masterpieces here).

Can I just say, I have been totally shocked by how much of a difference my Mondays of Rest have made in the rest of my week. You would think (I certainly did) that taking a whole day off would really cut into my ability to get my work done, but I must be more capable of working hard when I’ve taken time to recharge. It makes me a better wife, better mom, better friend. Maybe even a better blogger? (not counting this post. You have now read the high point of this post. Allow me to warn you that it’s all down here from this moment on.)


I have begun a spring cleaning project in my kitchen. People in Iowa should always do their spring cleaning in February so that we can actually enjoy the four days of really beautiful springlike weather we will get April, wedged between a snowstorm and a heat wave. My kitchen is the room in my house that just really needs to not be completely trashed or I get stressed out. It’s been a loooong time since I did a serious cleaning in there and I am already feeling better about life knowing that the wall by the garbage can no longer has a crusty raisin stuck to it and that I finally got rid of that one baking sheet that’s been past saving for at least three years. I’m working systematically around the kitchen and tomorrow I get to wash the curtains so I feel like that should be a fun day.

My life has come to this.

(I resisted the temptation to work on this project today. It was hard. I have never had to resist cleaning before. So that was new.)


My Angry Ranger is now a teenager and is growing at alarming rates. He has Piano Performance Season (that’s not a real thing, except it is, but not really) coming up, with a recital, special music in church, and two piano competitions in the space of about five weekends. Also his go-to dress pants are four inches too short and look stupid, and also all his nice shirts look a lot less nice since they got so tight and the sleeves stopped being long enough. So tomorrow we get to have an Epic Mother-Son Bonding Trip to the city in search of clothing. I feel like this could be fun or it could be horrifying. That’s kind of like parenting in general, I guess. Anyway, the good news is we get to reward ourselves at the end of our expedition with a trip to see a chamber orchestra concert at UNO with my mom.

Once again. My life has come to this.


I am having a Decorating Conundrum in my home right now, because I’m so OVER my winter decorations but I feel like February 22nd is too early to put up a bunch of spring stuff. I mean, that can get depressing. So for now I’m just leaving the winter stuff up, but I expect soon I’ll get to the place where the sight of the cute wintery wreath on my door makes me want to scream violently, and at that point I’ll just take it down to save my vocal cords the trouble. My problem is that I really don’t have any just “whatever” decorations. I switch them out with the seasons because I am the worst at making decisions that do not matter at all and so I cannot make up my mind about what to put out for the whole year. It’s less stressful to just decide on something for a month or two.

Until it’s April and you still have your winter decorations out because you got pneumonia in March and spent the whole month shuffling from your chair to the couch to the bed, unable to do anything. Just hypothetically, of course.


If you had been here at dinner tonight, you could have taken part in an extraordinarily exciting conversation that started with Art saying he’d eat a whole jar of pickle relish for a million dollars and ended with him googling “offshore bank accounts” and “how do I avoid paying taxes on money I earned eating a whole jar of pickle relish?” Also we discovered that www dot sketchyaccountants dot com is not actually a website, so if you know a sketchy accountant you might want to pass that information along so they can just snatch that domain right up like Trump did to Jeb Bush’s name.

Just trying to keep this blog relevant, y’all.


This might be one of the most stupid blogs I’ve ever posted. I’m going to make up with it by sharing with you some Pictures From My Phone. Yay!


Here is something you should never name your worship album.

crazy faces

Pooka and I like to send pictures like this to Art. Isn’t he just a lucky guy to have us?


I would like to make it known that I am not the person responsible for the beauty and splendor of this postage job. The credit for it goes to the amazing Tiny Town Post Office, who apparently had a surplus of Christmas stamps and decided to use them up on my sister’s super awesome birthday present.


Photographic evidence that we do occasionally do fun stuff like science experiments. Mostly though I just put on my mean face and make my kids do adding and multiplying and spelling and things.

So. I bet y’all will be fervent in prayer this week, that Erin will not decide a “Monday Meanderings 3” post is in order. đŸ™‚ Have a nice day anyway.

And smile! You’re beloved!



One thought on “Monday Meanderings 2

  1. Everything about this made me smile! Love your Monday Day of Rest… the postage collage ( holy cow! your postal workers are serious stampers!).. Spring cleaning as you await those anticipated 4 glorious days of spring . Erin, you are awesome!!!!!!!!

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