Monday Meanderings 5

I failed to post Monday Meanderings last week because I meandered right off the step of our garage and sprained my ankle and so spent my Monday evening having an Unnecessary and Expensive X-Ray. My ankle and a large portion of my foot have been large and colorful for a week now and I’m kind of regretting not buying a purple Easter dress to match it. Thankfully I am getting around a little better every day. Unfortunately the only shoe that will fit on that foot is a flip-flop. It’s still a little cold here in Iowa, so today I got to go to Bible study with a sock AND a flip-flop.

Y’all. I am a fashionista. And I am glorious.


The last few weeks have been really busy and pretty stressful, so obviously being unable to stand up made everything way better. I am so thankful for friends who provided meals for my family last week! God has blessed me with amazing people. 🙂


The kids and I have been memorizing John 15, and it has been so good for me. That is the passage about the Vine and the branches, and about how we need to abide in Christ. We practice most mornings at breakfast and are about halfway through memorizing verse 7. My favorite part is the daily reminder that “without Me you can do nothing!!!!” Pooka and I always feel that it is very important to say that part really loudly. The boys love this special breakfast-time tradition and act as though we are traumatizing their sad little just-awoken selves, as if five minutes before they weren’t having some kind of loud brawl in the living room. As if five SECONDS before they weren’t having a noisy argument about the peanut butter jar. They can’t fool me.


Today in an online discussion we were talking about our names and what they mean. Erin means “peace” and is a poetic name for Ireland. I have always thought it was ironic that my name meant peace. I was always the girl with the big mouth who got in trouble for talking and being too loud. And so much of the time I feel like a frantic hot mess who is panicking about pretty much everything. At some point I started thinking of peace as a challenge, something to shoot for. And I’m so thankful for the God of all peace, for peace that passes understanding. Because if you strive for peace, I feel like you’re kind of missing the point. But God tells me to cast my cares, to think on what is good and true and beautiful, to pray and to give thanks, to obey– and then peace comes. And that’s awesome. 🙂


Art just informed me that one of our nieces told him she is going to write a poem about her stuffed zebra’s “glorious bottom.” Clearly she is our current favorite niece. The rest of them better do something awesome, stat.


Darth Piggy had to give a speech for our homeschool co-op’s speech class last Thursday. His topic was penguins; and he unearthed this super fabulous fact that when penguins want to determine if water is safe to swim in, they all crowd around the edge until one unlucky penguin falls in. And if he jumps back out again, they know it’s safe; but if not, well, they go find somewhere else to swim. Penguins are brutal.

During his practice speech, DP said that some penguins make burrows to lay their eggs in, and they line them with soft things like “feathers and vegetarians.” I die. He did say it correctly during the actual speech, so I was feel validated in making him practice.


Last night, Art and I stuck Robin’s Eggs up our noses and took a selfie and posted it on Angry Ranger’s Facebook because we love him soooooo much and because that seemed like a really good way of showing it.

Sometimes we act more stupid than normal on Sunday nights. I wonder if this is just us, or if it’s a problem had by all pastors and their wives. I would be curious for input from any of you who know.


My head hurts and my ankle feels awkward. I think it’s time to go to bed. I shall leave you with a haiku.

My ankle damaged,
My Monday Meanderings
Are more of a Limp.


2 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings 5

  1. seriously ❤ ❤ ❤
    i hope by now your ankle is better and you have been dancing. or at least able to wear actual shoes? i can bet that camden has been wearing his sandals… because no, iowa is not too cold for him {mild winter, i know!} i laughed over your peace rant. maybe God just needs you to hear the plan! come see the penguins at seaworld. in florida. PLEASE!!!

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