Monday Meanderings, Week 6

I am sure both of you will be gratified to know that my ankle’s swelling has gone down considerably. I went out on Friday and bought some shoes to wear for Easter Sunday, but in the end I was able to fit my foot and my wrapped-up ankle into my boot, and I was a happy girl about this. 🙂


pook hair

Fancy Easter Hair

We had a wonderful weekend with our church family– a Good Friday service on Friday evening, a breakfast and praise service early on Sunday, plus our regular Sunday morning services. It was so good to sit and really reflect on the Cross on Friday evening, and then to celebrate the Resurrection on Sunday morning. What hope we are given because of Jesus!

My husband put the special service together on Friday evening and it was just so good. The men cooked breakfast on Sunday morning, which gave me extra time to do Pooka’s hair up all fancy. And the Sunday morning service was beautiful– not fancy, because we’re not fancy– but beautiful because Jesus is beautiful and the victory He has won over death is beautiful and we are given such great hope.


Angry Ranger has been practicing like mad to prepare for Talents for Christ this coming Saturday. Yesterday he was able to play in church, which is one of the requirements for participation at TFC. He did such a great job, and I’m so excited to see his piano-playing abilities grow with him. If you think of him, pray for him as he plays on Saturday. I think he’s a wee bit nervous. 🙂


We’ve started working on new speeches for our homeschooling co-op. This time the boys are doing demonstration speeches, and I’m really excited because both boys were able to think of good topics that they have a lot of interest and understanding in. Angry Ranger is planning a speech on photography, and Darth Piggy is working up a speech about gardening. I feel like I say this every week, but I really do love teaching this speech class, and it’s been such a great experience for my boys.


We only have five weeks left of school for this year, including this week! My kids have worked really hard this year. I’m really proud of them, really thankful for the progress all three have made. Next year, Angry Ranger will be in eighth grade and we will be really starting to pursue high school credit and all his big goals. It’s scary but exciting. Darth Piggy has come so far in spelling and writing this year that I almost want to cry thinking about it– it has been such an area of prayer for us! And Miss Pooka has excelled at her first grade work. I think if I had time and inclination to push her she could probably be well through her second grade work. Homeschooling is such a challenge, but I know I am just so blessed to be able to teach my children and guide them through their unique struggles. AND celebrate their victories!

me n darth piggy

I feel like this picture adequately describes how Darth Piggy and I feel about summer vacation.


those teeth though

Through an unexpected provision, Angry Ranger is going to be getting braces next week! I’m not sure he’s as excited about this provision as I am. But next week’s Monday Meanderings will undoubtedly include a beautiful picture of our brand new resident Tin Grin.

DP eggs

One of the things my sons love is to wear inappropriately-themed clothing. Hence Darth Piggy sporting his Christmas shirt while showing off his Easter eggs. He’s also going to be getting braces, but we still need to have a consultation with the orthodontist.

no teethAnd then there’s this child, who has a way to go before we’re ready to think about orthodontia . . . since apparently she has a life goal of losing all the teeth on her upper jaw at once.

Have a happy Monday everyone!!! 🙂 May your meanderings be merry, and don’t forget to smile– you are beloved! ❤


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