Monday Meanderings, Week 8

It’s a new week, full of super exciting meanderings! Okay, probably not really actually. Last week kind of flew by in a blur, so I’m honestly not even sure what I’m going to talk about this afternoon.

Books! I can always talk about books! I just finished reading Emma and I have to say I think I like the movie better. I’m fairly sure I had read the book before, but I really don’t remember very well. Emma just seemed unbearably full of herself. Anyway, now that that’s done my current fictional book is I, Robot by Isaac Asimov, which is kind of a weird way to follow Jane Austen. Angry Ranger is always looking for new books to read and I thought I’d reread some of Asimov’s stuff to see if I think it’s appropriate for him.

The book I’m reading right now that I’m enjoying the most is West With the Night by Beryl Markham. She was a pilot in Africa in the first half of the twentieth century, after growing up in what was then British East Africa (now Kenya). The book is basically a memoir about her childhood and growing up years and her experiences– she is just a fascinating author and I love her writing style. This is my current read-before-bed book and I am enjoying it immensely.

Another book I am getting a lot from right now is called Glorious Intruder by Joni Eareckson Tada. It is just short daily readings grouped together by different themes, and I had kind of expected it to be a light read, but over and over it hits me right where I am.


I just looked at my camera to try to find some pictures to share, since I have no idea what to write about, and I took about eight all week. Art was gone at a conference on Monday and Tuesday, and there were several days of school and a day at co-op, and a trip to Omaha to celebrate my dad’s birthday, and a lovely afternoon with a friend, and another trip to Omaha for shopping, and there was a piano lesson and a guitar lesson and youth ministries at church, and grocery shopping and teeth impressions and naps and life. But I didn’t take many pictures of it. Just a regular old week, I guess . . .

But this week promises to be more exciting, what with Angry Ranger’s new braces due to be put on on Wednesday and Mom and I speaking at a ladies’ event at my church on Saturday. Clearly these are events requiring many pictures and selfies and facebook status updates and, of course, ramblings in my blog. 🙂

The ladies’ event theme is Bread of Life, and it has been so challenging to plan a devotional for it. Challenging in a good way– convicting. How often we act like we don’t have what we need, when Jesus calls us to Himself and says “I am all you need.” We say we believe it, but our lives often speak otherwise.


At our homeschool co-op on Thursday, we had a few minutes left at the end of speech class so I asked the kids (5th-8th grade) if they’d read any good books lately. Oh my goodness, it was truly delightful the way they responded. All of them got super excited and started talking at once and sharing what they were reading about– and so I asked what their favorites were and it got dead silent because none of them could choose. Times like those are what makes me love homeschooling– these are such great kids who love reading and love to share what they’re learning about and even though they were all talking at once nobody got upset or angry. And they were mentioning amazing books like The Lord of the Rings and Anne of Green Gables. It was delightful. Homeschooling takes up a huge amount of my time and mental energy, but I feel so blessed to have the ability to do it, and the support of my husband and my church.

Pooka started in her 2nd grade math book a week and a half ago, and I quickly realized that we had a few things we missed because we had switched curricula. One of those things was place value– thankfully I found some videos on the internet and remembered that long ago someone gave me some math manipulatives, and long story short is that Pooka is now a master of place value, as long as I don’t expect her to try to do it by herself. Pooka is quite convinced that Mommy must be NEARBY in order for her to successfully do schoolwork. One of our goals for second grade is more independence. Hallelujah.

I may have failed to mention it, but we have only fifteen days of school left. All three kids are doing really well right now and I’m excited to have them finish strong. And then we have a VACATION. All of this is very thrilling.


Well, I truly can think of nothing else to say. Life is good, just not crazy exciting or photoworthy right now. That’s okay. Imagine how exhausting it would be if life were crazy exciting all the time. I need a nap just thinking about it. 🙂

Have a happy day!


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