Monday Meanderings, Week 9

I meant to write this post several hours ago, but I’m reading Gods and Generals right now and sitting with my nose in a book seemed way more enjoyable at the time than writing in my blog. Yay for Monday and days off, am I right?

Last week was super busy and high-pressure for our family. So thankful for a faithful God who helps me through each crazy day. And for flexible music teachers, and for Grandpa the Super Fun Babysitter Guy. 🙂 Honestly now I keep trying to remember last week and it was such a blur. If I sit and think about it I can kind of remember what I did each day. Last Monday seems like a month ago, yet it seems like last week went crazy fast. It was just one of those weeks.


Angry Ranger got his braces on on Wednesday. He had a few painful days but seems to be adjusting rather well. On Thursday we were at a restaurant waiting for our food, and he wrote a poem about his braces that began “pain, pain, pain, pain, pain.” I’m not allowed to share the rest of it because apparently it is not cool enough for his online persona. So here’s a way super cool picture of him instead.

bubs braces

He doesn’t have a wire on the top yet because he has to get a couple teeth pulled. Lucky boy. 😉


Wednesday night at our kids’ club at church I got to be part of an entertaining conversation between Darth Piggy and one of the other kids. She asked DP what grade he’s in, and he couldn’t remember. I know some homeschool parents don’t do grades at all, but I have always told my kids they were in first or fourth or whatever. Mostly for this reason. But it’s not exactly important to my children, especially to Darth Piggy, who doesn’t care what grade he’s in as long as he can get his work done and please go play Minecraft now.

Also it doesn’t help that I’ve been in Major Obsessive Planning Mode for next year and keep accidentally calling the kids by next year’s grades.

Anyway, the thought that someone couldn’t remember what grade he was in was a very strange concept to DP’s friend at church. And it made me laugh. It’s not like it matters anyway. He reads books that I often find on eighth or ninth grade reading lists. He’s behind in spelling but making progress. He’s in fifth grade for math and grammar. Who even cares. Right? I mean, other than the kids at church? LOL



I had the awesome privilege of speaking with my mom at a ladies’ event at our church on Saturday. I don’t have a single picture of us together, which is sad. I did, however, get this super fabulous selfie before everything got started, so that’s something, I suppose.

Our theme was the Bread of Life, and the ladies of our church who have domestic abilities far beyond my wildest dreams decorated everything up absolutely beautifully and created a lovely meal of lasagna and breadsticks and salad and strawberry shortcake. Seriously, y’all. Some of those ladies were there for five hours on Friday decorating, and then back again on Saturday for five hours. And I had to do none of it, except print one thing for someone. I count it such a privilege to be called to serve in a church where everyone is able to use their gifts. What a blessing that I was able to focus on my responsibility– putting the program together and working on the devotional with my mom. The whole thing was just a wonderful experience and reminded me of the joy of the Body of Christ.


Art and I had a super fun bonding experience at a pain doctor’s office on Thursday. Art has ongoing neck pain and they are trying to find a treatment for him.Thursday’s office visit involved needles and his neck, so I expect you can imagine how much fun it was. Actually he recovered a lot faster this time and didn’t look like a walking cadaver afterwards, so that was a bonus. We celebrated by going to Village Inn and eating food, because food is good.


This morning I took Pooka to the Salvation Army in search of Not Having To Go To Walmart With The Menfolk. The menfolk had to go to the Walmart because yesterday the two younger menfolk, who are actually just boyfolk, had a bit of a disagreement over who got to use the water faucet on the kitchen sink, with the awesome result that they broke the water filter right off said water faucet. Also we couldn’t find all the parts of that thing that goes on the end of the faucet to make the water come out all nice, so every time you turned the water on it shot out like a fire hydrant and soaked the front of your shirt. Also that water tastes nasty without the filter on it. So, needless to say, it was necessary for the boyfolk to purchase a NEW water filter so that we can drink good water and also not look like our belly buttons leak. And as fun as THAT shopping trip undoubtedly was, I thought it would be more fun to take Pooka to the Salvation Army. And clearly I was right, because look at this picture:

pook sparkles

This outfit, with the exception of the adult size medium sparkly cardigan, is a true Pooka original. Who else could even get away with a Smurf shirt, a flowered skirt, leggings, and striped rainboots? And Anna braids, obviously. And three missing teeth.

She was so excited that it was raining today and she got to wear her rainboots that she went outside when we were leaving the house and splashed with great exuberance in a puddle in our driveway. She was soaked from the waist down, y’all. Except for her feet, obviously.

This child just– I don’t know. She is a challenge and a delight and she cracks me up and makes me want to cry, often within the same five minutes. Crazy girl.


Have a great day, and may all your Mondays be meandery. (I made that word up. It is not, in fact, a spellcheck-approved word.)


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