Monday Meanderings, Week 10

We have reached Monday again, and it has been a glorious day in Tiny Town, Iowa. So thankful for spring! What a beautiful season. šŸ™‚ Last night there were thunderstorms and rain, and this morning everything looked fresh-washed and glorious.

Tomorrow is the first day of our last week of this school year, and we are all so ready to be done! It’s been a good year, I think. I’ve seen all my kids making great progress in so many areas. It’s nice to think of putting the books away for the summer with a good amount of progress to show for all our work. We will be taking May and June off, and then returning to school in July. I know that’s early, but we really enjoyed taking December this school year. Starting in July makes that possible.


reading reclinerSomeone in my house is turning seven years old on Wednesday. I am having a very hard time wrapping my brain around this fact. In my head she is still my baby. In her head she’s perfectly capable of everything her big brothers do. This causes some trauma and problems in our lives.

She has become a strong reader in first grade, after a rough start. It’s exciting to see her grow and change and learn– exciting and hard, because she is my last baby and my little girl. But I love how our relationship is growing too. Having a daughter is a sweet and highly challenging blessing. šŸ™‚ She is having a Frozen birthday this year, so I have been obsessively purchasing blue and white and snowy decorations. Should be fun!


I am having some issues today determining what to blog about. All week I’ve been thinking, “That was awesome. I’ll have to write about it on Monday.” And guess what. I have no idea what any of those things were. LOL. Maybe I need to write throughout the week and just post the whole mess on Mondays.


Tonight I am busy planning an upcoming getaway for our family. We are all so excited to get out of Iowa and see family! We will be visiting my sister in Louisiana and Art’s sister in Indiana, so we are titling this trip the Epic Sisterly Road Trip of 2016. Obviously. Because “family vacation” is way too simple. Anyway, the ESRT2016 will be so much fun for our kids. I’m just thankful to have our sisters a bit closer so that our kids can know their cousins better. Plus, look at this baby I get to love on at my sister’s house.

pouty lip This was his face when his mommy told him it was still going to be more than a week before Auntie Erin came for a visit. Poor thing. You can tell he needs lots of hugs from me. It will be hard, but I will sacrifice myself to be a blessing to him and meet his needs. šŸ˜‰


me n boThis boy informed me today that he was writing a story where the main character wears sunglasses because he is cool. Obviously said character is patterned after me. Right?


I’m giving up on this post now. Have a happy day! šŸ™‚


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