Monday Meanderings, Week 11

It’s almost 10:00 at night and I’ve had a tummyache all day and it seems completely ridiculous to even attempt a real blog post right now.

Since my last Monday Meanderings post, my daughter turned seven, we finished our sixth year of homeschooling, and we took a huge road trip to Louisiana, Indiana, and then back home. There were at least 6000000000 pictures on my phone, not to mention the ones Art took on his phone, the shots on the real camera, and the pictures that the boys took on their own cameras. How do you even narrow that down?

All I’m saying is I’m a skosh overwhelmed just thinking about it, and when I get overwhelmed I tend to just not do anything. It’s a bad habit.

Here’s a couple shots from Pooka’s seventh birthday party–




And a few from our last day of school–

bye seventh

bye fifth

bye first

Our road trip took us south through Missouri. We hit Kansas City at rush hour which was not my new favorite thing. Then we drove into Arkansas, where none of us had ever been before, so that was exciting. We spent the night at a hotel in Arkansas, where Pooka worked off all her stored-up energy by jumping on the bed.


Our second day took us through Arkansas, where we stopped at a place the tour guidebook named as the “Most Photogenic Park in America.” We aren’t sure who named it that, but we were not impressed.


This is pretty much all there was. Brown water. But at least we were cute. On the second day, we also spent ten minutes driving in Texas. So I guess I’ve been in Texas now. Technically.


That evening we arrived at my sister’s house in Shreveport (first time in Louisiana, too!) just in time for tacos and so many hugs. Unfortunately the only pictures I took that evening involved grapes, because I have no idea.


And oranges, apparently.

So. I’m up to day 2 of our 11-day adventure, and I really haven’t gotten to any of the good stuff yet. I will try to post more as I have time, but Art is snoring in his recliner and that’s a good sign it’s time for bed. 🙂

Have a wonderful day! 🙂



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