Fun in Louisiana

Today’s vacation pictures are brought to you by Writer’s Block. 😉

We spent three days in the Shreveport area with my sister’s family. We had such a nice time– Laura has kids my children’s ages and they all got along well, although there was much “girl drama” among the little girls. This was the first time I had ever been in my sister’s home since she moved out of my parents’ home!

On our first full day in Louisiana, we visited the science museum along with 7,000 schoolchildren. Thankfully I was able to get this super awesome picture of a giant mouth eating Angry Ranger and two of his cousins.


And here are all the kids lined up outside Sci-Port. And me and my sister and my weird ear growth.


That evening the kids went to AWANA and youth group, and Ray and Laura and Art and I went out for dinner. I ate a huge salad that was really yummy. I took a picture of it but, while I have fully embraced the joy of the selfie, I haven’t really mastered the “foodie.” So just imagine a bowl as big as my seven-year-old, filled with delicious things, and you’ll have an idea of how amazing that salad was.

We began our Thursday in a lovely way–


Art had a fun time launching the children into outer space via the trampoline.


In the evening Laura went to her crazy hard workout class while I sat on a park bench and the girls ran around at the splash park. It really wasn’t warm enough for the splash park, but they still had fun.


Also here is a gratuitous niece and nephew selfie.


On Friday we went to a nature center and there were animal skins and heads and skulls and also turtle shells.


Also lots of room to run.


Then Laura and I ditched our husbands with all nine children and went out to lunch and also dress shopping. For her, not me. Because dress shopping for her is way more fun, since she just lost like 1000 pounds. Just kidding. She was never that big to begin with, but when you sit on the park bench while your sister goes to exercise class, you know who’s going to look better in a dress the next day. 😉

That evening was Uncle Artie’s Arty Party.




Laura took pictures of all their finished paintings, but I didn’t. Still, you can see that her son here is a pretty talented artist! 🙂

And finally, we wrap up this post with a blurry picture that I like to call Motherhood.


Have a beautiful Wednesday! 🙂



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