Hanging out in Indiana

Look! More vacation pics!!! Hooray!!!

(Today’s vacation post is brought to you by my enemy the snooze bar.)

After our days in Louisiana, we woke up early on Saturday morning and heading northeast to southern Indiana, where Art’s sister lives. We were on the road super early and drove a few hours before we stopped for breakfast.


This is how Pooka felt about breakfast at McDonald’s until I told her she could have a smoothie. Then she cheered up.

This drive was our longest day on the road for this trip– something like twelve hours. Pooka and I both did a lot of this, only she was cuter and less prone to snoring.


However, we did finally reach the wonderful world of Indiana and Auntie Karen’s house. She fed the kids pancakes and all was well.


Sunday was Mother’s Day. We went to church in the morning and then gorged ourselves at the biggest Chinese buffet I have ever seen in my entire life in the afternoon. Of course I had to have my traditional Mother’s Day picture with all the kids. What a privilege it is to be a mom.


Also while we were there I made all the kids huge ice cream cones, because that is my Special Buffet Trick. I used to work at McDonald’s and I can make an amazing ice cream cone. Of course, Pooka dropped hers on the ground about three minutes after I made it for you. Also, I distinctly remember posing for multiple ice cream pictures, but apparently they were on someone else’s phone. Use your imagination. They were as tall as the kids’ faces.

Monday morning we visited a shop where they make gun accessories. Lots of cool machines and stuff. I have no idea what the guy was talking about, because I’m not really a gun person or a machine person or a math/engineering person and so mostly I was like “oooh, shiny.” Darth Piggy was pretty mesmerized though.


That afternoon we walked to the Tasty Freeze, home of this terrifying statue.


But at least there was ice cream.


Also, here’s a picture I love. Uncle Artie is definitely a favorite.


That evening, we had a cookout with the pastor of Art and Karen’s old church in Washington state, where they lived in junior high/ high school. There were pictures taken of everyone together, but of course they’re not on my phone. But here’s a picture of our families–


I don’t know why Art looks so grouchy. Maybe because this was before Joel made us super yummy lattes.

On Tuesday we drove to St. Louis and went to the zoo, which is worth its own post, but that morning the kids all sat and played Doctor Mario, and I feel like this picture is noteworthy.


Ya’ll, they are sitting on an AIR MATTRESS. Can we get a shout out for the wonders of modern technology? That thing is amazing. đŸ™‚

It’s crazy how long ago this vacation feels now. I’m afraid the end of May kind of eclipses the beginning of it in my mind. Still, how blessed are we to now live within driving distance of both of our sisters and all these amazing nieces and nephews? God has been good to our family.

Have a great day!




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