Mustard Seeds, Mountains, and a Mighty God

Peter and JesusI think my faith is far too small. I think that though I say I believe that God can do anything, in truthI am afraid to ask Him to do it. What if He doesn’t do it? What then? Or even worse– What if He decides to do it through me?

What if real faith is a willingness to be pulled out of my comfort zone and to trust that God is there? Peter’s faith called him out onto the waves, and though he lost faith quickly, at least he got out of the boat. That was one experience, one of many over his years walking with Jesus and later living in the power of the Spirit, that gave him mountain-moving faith.

It was one of the questions in my Bible study last night– If Christians truly believe Philippians 4:13, why aren’t we doing more for the Lord? Philippians 4:13–

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Ouch. That question stopped me in my tracks. Because there are only two possible answers to that question– Either we don’t really believe it at all, or we really don’t want to do “all things”–whatever God wants us to do. I expect it’s a combination of both for most of us.

When my faith is small it is because I am not aware or I am not choosing to be mindful of the reality of my God and how great He is. He created the whole universe with just the words of His mouth, and even now He upholds it all with the word of His power. Just His words are so powerful that whole galaxies whirl through the heavens undiscovered and unimagined because He created the stars also. This is my powerful God. When I lose sight of His greatness and majesty and power I find my faith becoming small and weak.

God created all the universe with His voice, but He created humanity with His hands. We are a precious creation, beloved, created in His image from dust– dust made holy by the breath of God. And when we marred that image, He sent His Son. He sent Jesus in flesh, dust taking on glory in a whole new way. And now God’s hands healed the sick and touched the hurting and broke bread to feed the hungry. And then they stretched out to die, and all for love.

This is a trustworthy God. This is a God worth obeying.

When my faith is small, when I am afraid to step out in obedience and pray without reservation, “Lord, use me– I am a living sacrifice,” it is because I am failing to look at the holy power and the merciful love of the One who made me, who cherishes me, who went so far as to give His life for me.

What if I quit holding back? Quit holding back myself, my obedience? What if all that stuff about mustard seeds and mountains, all that you have not because you ask not is really true? What if I quit asking God for small, safe things, and boldly started asking for great things?

What if He answered?

I think my world would be different. I think I would see Him at work. I think I would love more extravagantly and share my faith and hope more boldly and live with courage and not fear, and I think all that would be good.

What if you did it too?

What if it could be said of us, as it was said of the believers in the first century, These are the ones who have turned the world upside-down?

Oh God, increase our faith. I believe! Help my unbelief!


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