While I Wasn’t on Facebook . . .

facebookWhile I wasn’t on Facebook, my daughter and her friends designed beautiful, colorful, sprinkle-adorned cookies. And they giggled. A lot.

The floor was covered with a rainbow of stepped-in buttery sweetness, and their feet were a palette of color to make a painter jealous. The three girls shared and passed the sprinkles and the bowl of pink dough, and they filled the cookie sheets with flowers and circles and hearts and a rainbow and a cupcake and a ladybug and some butterflies.

While I wasn’t on Facebook my son mixed up some chocolate chip cookie dough and while I was on Facebook he burned the first batch, just a little, and so after I got off Facebook we decided the thing to do was to crumble them up and save them for ice cream sundaes when his brother comes home from camp.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I put dinner in the crock pot and I read Blueberries for Sal out loud and I listed to my kids talk about their plans for the afternoon. I swept up sprinkles and wiped up cookie dough smears and I listed to my Bible reading for the day and I read a book, and then I took a nap.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I had Bible study with a friend and went canoeing with my mom and ran errands with time to stop and chat because I hadn’t spent my whole day on Facebook. I answered my kids’ questions and spent some extra time in prayer and cuddled with my husband on the couch.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I taught my daughter to do needlepoint and I made a meal for a friend who needed a blessing, and I remembered to use up the food in the fridge before it had a chance to go bad. While I wasn’t on Facebook we walked downtown and bought stamps and we stopped and talked to the neighbors and strolled along the sidewalk and enjoyed the flowers. I played the piano and wrote some letters and ordered new curriculum and laughed out loud at my husband’s jokes.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I called my Grandma, and it’s funny how that doesn’t feel like time wasted, now that she’s gone.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I sat with my family around the table and passed the chicken and the vegetables, and I told them what I learned today and they told me. And we talked about airplanes, maybe, or reading, or long division or one of the Presidents.

While I wasn’t on Facebook some friends posted witticisms, and some posted prayer needs, and some posted interesting links and some posted adorable pictures. I got sixteen likes on my thoughtful post about faith and a hundred on my funny post about what my daughter said, and something depressing happened in my trending topics, and nobody really noticed I had been missing and it was all still there when I got back.

sunsetWhile I wasn’t on Facebook I noticed the way that my older son’s shoulders are broadening as he inches closer and closer to my height. I noticed the new freckles popping out on my younger son’s nose and the way he loves a hug. I had time and space on my lap and in my arms for a daughter who is somewhere between a little girl and a big girl but still loves to cuddle. I had time to stand in the kitchen with my arms around my husband and gross the kids out for a moment or two.

While I wasn’t on Facebook I discovered that my life is pretty good when I’m not glued to a screen. And I had time to revel in the goodness of it, and to thank the Giver of it, and to celebrate it with a hug and a happy dance.

I can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow while I’m not on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “While I Wasn’t on Facebook . . .

  1. Erin I truly believe you couldn’t be more right.
    I do believe I will see what will happen today while I’m not on facebook.

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