Saturday Morning Poetry, edition 7

faint fringes moonAdoration

Oh God, who made the light of day
with just a word, and from the clay
made man himself, that turned to sin–
Lord, give me glorious life within.

Your light shone out of darkness then,
and You shine glory on me when
I look into my Jesus’ face.
Oh, wondrous glory! Wondrous grace!

And now I gaze with face unveiled
upon the One that all shall hail
as Lord of lords and King of kings,
Master of all created things.

Oh, who could look upon this One–
this glorified and wondrous Son
of God– who on His face could gaze
and now fall down in humbled praise?


Poetry2016 by Erin Jo Kilmer
Photograph2015 by Irv Cobb
Faint Fringes Photography

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