Monday Meanderings, week 14

I know. It’s Tuesday. Tuesday night, actually. But this is my blog and if I want to do my Monday Meander on Tuesday night, I feel pretty much okay with that.

first day

Last week, in true Weird Homeschooler fashion, we started our new school year. We had a decent first week, with no unexpected drama and only a little bit of the kind I pretty much expect. That would be Math Drama, because we’re not really very brilliant in the area of math in our family. Angry Ranger wants to be an engineer, though, and he has really committed to working toward that goal by working super hard at math this year. He’s doing two lessons a day so he can get through two years of math (pre-algebra and algebra 1) this year. In eighth grade. Because he’s amazing.

first day 2

I really feel the need right here to give another shout out to the All About Spelling curriculum, because after two months off Darth Piggy has retained probably 95% of what he learned last year– with the other 5% being mostly rules he learned right at the end of the year. I can’t even tell you how amazing this feels to me. This is the first time we have EVER had a retention rate like that in spelling. Can I get a woot woot?

first day teacher

Pooka is not having very much fun with math, because subtraction is literally the worst, so we’re slowing down a little bit to really work on those math facts and the concepts that go along with subtraction. Both my boys struggled some in second grade, so I think it must just be a hard year. But Pooka is super crazy excited to learn to write in cursive, and we are working on the learning books of the Bible and she gets to make a special Bible bookshelf craft with all the different books color-coded by type, and she gets to learn all about maps which is super much fun. So in spite of math I think she’ll have a pretty good year.

first day teacher 2


I am currently listening to Moby Dick on audiobook while I do exciting things like housework. I’ve never read it before and I think it would have driven me nuts a few years ago, but I’m finding it really enjoyable. Today Darth Piggy came in while Melville was waxing eloquent about the mysterious power of the sea, and he said, “What are you listening to? Is that Moby Dick? That doesn’t sound right.” He read a super-abridged, simplified children’s version in like second grade and so now he’s an expert, obviously.


After a week at a church conference (with all five of us sharing a hotel room), Fourth of July weekend (fireworks! every! night!), and the first week of school (complete with thunderstorms for three nights straight, beginning after the last night of people shooting off their fireworks), I was just a teensy bit tired this weekend. So yesterday I read an entire novel from start to finish. It was the bomb. And I got rested up just in time for another round of thunderstorms AND a kid with a fever last night. Yay!


This week Angry Ranger is at camp and the rest of us are doing school. He’ll make up the missed days over the rest of the year. Anyway, the younger two are going to be working on science projects this week so maybe if Darth Piggy’s rock in a cup turns out I’ll post pictures next week. And if it doesn’t, I might still post pictures, but don’t tell the boy. 😉

Time for me to go . . . may your day be full of happy meanders! 🙂


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