Monday Meanderings, Week 17

There is a beautiful sunset just visible out the window in the front door, and Art is reading out loud to the kids. My feet feel cold while the rest of me feels overheated, and I really need a haircut. The house smells like whatever’s in the wax warmer mixed with the smell of sauteed onions and the lysol I used to mop the kitchen floor, and I’m really tired but satisfied that I have had a profitable day.


I am currently in pursuit of organization, in hopes that perhaps I can feel less like my life is about to spin so out of control that it explodes. My next task is to declutter. Basically that means I am going to be stuck in chapter three of Homeschooling at the Speed of Life for quite possibly the rest of my life. However, I am really trying to attack my big projects one bite at a time, like all those wise people say to do, so this week’s task is the hall closet, which pretty much literally has exploded.


Aside from Tuesday, when I got to have the super fun adventure of sitting with my mom during Dad’s heart cath procedure, this past week has been pretty unthrilling around here. We are gearing up to start a new children’s program at church as well as our homeschool co-op (both start this week), but last week was pretty much mostly just school and housework and life. It was kind of a calm before the storm, and it was much needed. Now I just need to get through the storm, which according to my calculations, might let up sometime around New Year’s for a couple days.


Currently Pooka has a cold, which is making life highly joyful. She couldn’t sleep last night (I am talking wide. awake.) for hours– which, of course, means neither could I. I even brought out the big guns of back rubbing, song singing, and eyebrow/nose stroking– which worked on 99% of the daycare children I used to care for– to no avail. She did eventually go to sleep around 1, only to wake up before 3 again. Then, in a mad marathon of slumber, she slept till 7:15 this morning.

Thankfully, ever since infancy, when Pooka is sick it’s usually the first night that’s the worst. I’m praying this is true today because I feel like I can’t actually survive another night like last night, especially on a school night!


Today was the first time since I started Couch to 5K that I couldn’t finish the run. The app I’m using has you do intervals of running and walking, with the running intervals increasing each week. Well, the transition from week 3– two sets of 90-second runs and two sets of 3-minute runs, with walks of equal lengths after each run– to week 4– two sets of 3-minute runs and two sets of 5-minute runs, with shorter walks between– was rough. Throw in high humidity, midday sun, a sore ankle, a different route than normal (more hills), and less sleep than I should have had last night, and I just couldn’t. I feel really good about what I did accomplish, though. I missed about a minute of running near the end of the second 5-minute run, and then got back and ran the last minute before the cool down. It was still a lot more running than I have ever done before, and I just keep reminding myself of that. Also of the fact that fall is coming, and the humidity really should go away eventually. Which should give us a really fabulous week of running before the snow comes. 😉


smiling potatoI know this isn’t very interesting. I literally had three pictures on my phone from this week, and one was blurry and one was of a potato that I thought looked like it was smiling. I’ll try to be more exciting in the week to come.

Who am I kidding. My plans involve teaching prepositions and cleaning out a closet.

I’ll try to take more pictures of my children this week. They’re the really interesting ones around here. 🙂


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