Learning, Reading, and Looking Ahead #2

So I know I’ve learned stuff this week. I’m hoping I can remember it at 9:00 on a Saturday evening when I’m pretty much ready to go to bed an hour ago.

This week I’ve learned–

  1. That the reason corrugated cardboard is so strong is the same reason you might fold a piece of pizza to keep it from flopping down and splurching cheese all over the ground. I learned this on the podcast Surprisingly Awesome, which is a pretty fun thing to listen to while you’re driving.
  2. That a 12-sided shape is called a dodecagon. Darth Piggy has been studying geometry and that was a new one for me.
  3. That apparently dodecagon is not a word recognized by the spellchecker in WordPress.
  4. That there are only a few shapes that can be used to create a repeating pattern– equilateral triangles, regular quadrilaterals (squares and diamonds), and hexagons. I’m co-teaching a math class at our homeschool co-op, and this week we used glow sticks to create repeating patterns in the dark on the floor in our room. Super fun!
  5. That mastering a subject before moving onto the next subject is probably the smartest way to learn, and that if we allowed kids time to master a topic in math, for example, before hurrying them onto the next thing, more kids would be able to reach higher levels of math in high school. This was on a TED talk by the guy who runs the website Khan Academy, and it definitely has me thinking about how I’m educating my children.
  6. That sometimes you just really need to go to bed at 8:00 on Friday night, and there’s no shame in that.

What I’m reading–

Nothing new since last week. I finished The Pastor’s Kid and Confessions of a Prayer Slacker last night and haven’t started anything new. Still working through Seabiscuit (I’m about 40 pages from the end) and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

What’s on my plate next week–

  1. Friends for Sunday dinner! And we haven’t had to do any panic cleaning, because my new cleaning schedule is working pretty well. So that’s fun.
  2. Hopefully more of this beautiful fall weather. Today has been absolutely amazing.
  3. That fun day when we go through all our tubs of clothes and decide what we need for winter. Pooka is the only person who enjoys this day, because if there is one thing that child likes, it is trying on clothes. I’m pretty sure none of my children are going to have anything that fits, so that’s sad.
  4. BIG GARAGE SALE!!! Every September, my mom and I have a tradition to go to this huge garage sale in Nebraska. It takes up a whole county fairgrounds. That’s why I’m going through clothes this week– hopefully I can find some deals. Even if not, it’s one of the best days of the year. 🙂

Have a great day!


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