Lies and Truth

When the enemy comes against God’s people, He comes with lies.

I have been so prone to believe them.

Time and time again I have fallen prey to the same old deceptions. Sometimes they’re not even dressed up particularly cleverly; my flesh is all too happy to jump back onto that wagon again and take a few turns around the block.

You are failing your husband and your children.

You can’t live consistently for Christ; you’ve never managed more than a few days before. There’s no point in even trying.

If the church doesn’t grow, it will be your fault. Why can’t you be a better helpmeet, a better musician? Think of all the women you know who are far better pastor’s wives than you will ever be.

That child is never going to master that subject. You’re a terrible teacher. The whole situation is hopeless. Where did you ever get the idea you could homeschool?

All she saw when she visited your house yesterday was the mess. You are seriously the worst housekeeper ever.

I cannot believe you said that out loud. Shameful, shameful, shameful.

Eating. That’s what you need. More eating. You deserve it. Look at the hard day you just had. Comfort food!

Didn’t you literally just confess this sin yesterday? Good grief, woman, what’s the point?

Nobody likes you.

There is no way in a million years you can ever do this job God has called you to do. Seriously. You didn’t even make it out of your pajamas yesterday. You have rheumatoid arthritis. You have three kids. You already do so much. You’re doing okay. Why add one more thing? God won’t give you more than you can handle . . .

If you had that thing, you would be so much happier. It’s so unfair that God has withheld it from you. You deserve happiness, fulfillment, honor.

Something terrible is going to happen to someone you love. Can’t you just imagine the fiery car wreck? The diagnosis? The terrorist attack? Let’s just sit here while these images play over and over in your mind.

Friends, I know it’s not just me. Your lies might be different than the ones I get to listen to, but they’re still there. The enemy is a student of humanity and he knows exactly where our weak spots are. He knows the places where we tend to be apathetic, to let our guard down.

Zing! Here comes a dart of temptation and falsehood.

He knows the soft places in our hearts, the tender spots.

Zing! Here comes a dart of fear and worry.

He knows our strengths and abilities.

Zing! Here comes a dart of pride.

The only way we can possibly stand against this continual onslaught of lies and deception is is to know what is true. Truth– real truth– sanctifies us. It makes us holy and set apart.

Set apart, so that we can see more clearly, from a different perspective, what is happening.

I have been fighting new battles recently, or maybe the same old battles in different shapes, with different faces. And I have come to the conclusion that for some of these battles a general knowledge of truth isn’t going to cut it. I need to sharpen my sword. I need to have real, specific truth to hold up to the lies and prove their falseness. Familiarity with the Word of God, a Bible college education, a knowledge of a whole bunch of Bible stories and the Lord’s Prayer– none of that is going to help in this sniper fight.

Just as Satan targets me with specific lies that are carefully chosen and sharpened and aimed so as to do maximum damage, so I need to fight back with specific truths that are carefully chosen and sharpened and aimed.

Every single lie listed above can be parried with Truth– Truth from the Word of God. I can choose to believe that I am worthless, or I can choose to believe that I am God’s workmanship.

I can choose to believe that my child’s education is a hopeless cause, or I can choose to believe that my child is fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose.

I can choose to believe that I cannot handle another thing on my plate right now, or I can choose to believe that the One who began a good work in me will bring it to completion.

I can choose to believe that food will solve my problems, or I can choose to believe that God is my portion.

I have begun writing out specific verses that I am going to believe when Satan attacks me with his lies. I know how many times I have fallen, and I know how prone I am to believe all the deception. But I’m tired of it. I don’t have time for it. I have work to do– a purpose to fulfill. I have to be on my guard, ready to fight back.

Friend, maybe you’re listening to lies today. Maybe you’re so entrenched in them that you can’t even tell you’re being deceived. Maybe you know that you’re under attack but don’t know how to fight back.

There is only one real defense against a lie, and that is the glorious, shining truth. Open your Bible. Compare what you’re believing to what God says. Know that His truth will set you free.

Here’s something to get you started today:

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.



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