My God Who Knows Me

All the places where I fail
Are places where You wait with grace;
All the helpless prayers I wail
You hear, turning to me Your face.
All the wayward wanderings
My wild heart insists are right,
All the painful ponderings
My mind cannot let go at night,
All the weaknesses I see
When I am brave to look within,
All the prideful flesh in me
That thinks it can approval win,
All this You know, and more of these.
You are not shocked to see my pain;
When I am driven to my knees
You meet me there with love again.
You never fail, my faithful Friend;
You never change in all my doubt.
Of darkest nights You know the end,
And you will surely lead me out.
Oh, keep me small before Your throne,
Where I find mercy for my need–
Teach me to turn to You alone,
For You, oh God, are Lord indeed.

2016 by Erin Jo Kilmer

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