January Joy

In January
when the clouds and the fog conspire
to hide the sun from my face,
it seems that joy is hiding too.

I don’t want to play hide-and-seek
with joy;
who has time in the midst to set aside
and look for joy?

If only
the sun would shine
the kids would stop fighting
the mud would dry up outside
everybody would stop trying to shout louder than everybody else.

Maybe then joy would come out of hiding?

Oh, but You tell me
that the joy is not found in the absence
of all the things that annoy and frustrate and depress and distract.

You tell me that the trials
are given to bring the joy–
that I should see them
as sources of
–are You sure?–

Of course You’re sure.

Joy comes in January,
and maybe I do have to go searching for it,
or maybe I need to just look up,
look expectantly away from
and find Your face, even in the days of fog and clouds.

Even in the mud.

Joy is set before me,
as it was set before my Savior.
Like Him, I must endure.
But He has made the way for me.

I follow Him,
and in His presence is

©Erin Kilmer, 2017

One thought on “January Joy

  1. Erin, I love to read your blog and felt today with your poem title( January Joy)I should tell you that! Keep up the inspiring words and wonderful real life struggles and stories, you are a light to all your readers! God is Great! Joy Krohn

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