In Case You Were Curious–

  1. Summer vacation is as amazing as I remember it being. Last year wasn’t as much a vacation as two months of insanity. This year has been much more chill so far. And that has been a beautiful thing.
  2. Change is hard. It’s hard to think about, hard to decide on, hard to embrace. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. But– deep breath. It’s time to dive in.
  3. I am reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray right now. It’s pretty amusing, if you like Victorian novels and satire.
  4. Speaking of reading and summer vacation– on Wednesday we got our summer reading challenge forms from the library. You can do stuff to get points, and the form goes up to fifty points. Then you turn the form in to get put into a drawing. My first one is already full– all the little boxes marked B for reading/listening to a book for ten minutes. Audio books for the win, y’all.
  5. Yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of my grandmother. I miss her. I think every time someone I love dies, another little bit of me is scooped out and left empty. Like that part of my heart– the part that is my grandma– is gone, already waiting for me in heaven. And it means that every time someone I love dies, I long a little bit more for my real home. Yet it is that same grief and emptying out that works beauty and strength into a life that is surrendered to the God of all comfort. And that means that each sorrow is an opportunity for more grace and more light to shine from my life. I love how God redeems every single thing that we give Him.
  6. My whole family has been working on the yard and garden these last few days. I weeded for half an hour and cleared like two square feet. I dare not touch anything we want to keep alive. I did not inherit the gardening gene. I did, however, inherit the make-something-yummy-from-what-the-family-grows gene. Can’t wait for some fresh tomatoes!
  7. Vacation Bible School is less than two weeks away. I alternate between panic and denial at this fact.
  8. I have amazing friends. I’ve been struggling with some hard things lately. God has put the most incredible ladies into my life– wise, godly, understanding, and fun. I could never live the life to which I am called without their counsel and encouragement and laughter.
  9. Also, I have an amazing family. As my kids get older, I love how we laugh together more and have so much more to talk about. This is a good thing.
  10. Today I took a walk around Tiny Town. I saw kids playing, people hard at work, tractors and trucks and cars. I saw a cemetery and I saw a turkey vulture standing in the middle of the road. I saw new houses and old, houses that need paint, houses that need to be torn down and rebuilt, houses that are full of people and houses that stand empty. I love this place we live in. It’s just Iowa, you know? Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinarily beautiful, nothing you wouldn’t see in a hundred other tiny towns. But it’s our place, our home, the work God has given us, the ground where He has planted our hearts and whispered grow. And even though it’s hard and unexciting, maybe, and even though people can be hard to love and our church struggles and we reach the very end of ourselves, and even though our hearts sometimes break with it, it is all worth it to be in the middle of God’s best for us. He is good.

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