God My Comfort

God is my comfort, and not only when my troubles come from outside my control. God is my comfort when I am mourning or afraid, and He is my comfort when I am sick or wounded, and He is my comfort when I am broken and messy and covered in the dirt of my own destructive shame. He is my comfort when I lose my job, when I lose my keys, when I lose my mind about the mud tracked in on the floor. Nothing is too great or too small for His loving eye, His mighty hand, His comforting arm.

He is my comfort no matter what has caused my fear or sorrow or wild heart. He comforts me when I stand over the grave of a loved one, and He comforts me when I fall flat on my face in my own sin. He comforts me when I am weary and He comforts me when I sting from the consequences of my own actions. He is a good Father who comforts with tender care the child He has chastened, for His chastening is just as much a sign of His love as His comfort is.

God is my comfort who never stops caring for me, even when I shun His comfort and care, even when I turn to my own worldly means of comforting myself—when I fall back into that same old pit of sinful passions because somehow I think that this time it will satisfy and rescue and comfort my scattered soul.

He is my comfort because He is mighty to save—stronger than anything I fear, anything man can do to me, anything I can do to myself. He is stronger than my loneliness, than my sin, than my faithlessness, than my weakness, than the enemy and accuser of my soul. He guards my life, fighting for me as a mighty warrior defends his most beloved possession. He is stronger than death itself, stronger than the grave, stronger than all the terrible powers of darkness. God is my comfort because He is able to rescue me from every attack, every pit, every foe.

God is my comfort because His steadfast love endures forever—endures patiently when I wander away, when I cower and hide, when I fling myself like an angry toddler on the ground because things have not happened as I wanted them to. His love does not fail or change, and He daily offers me grace, mercy, acceptance, forgiveness, and nearness. His love overcomes my sin, my fear, my disgrace, my failure, my childishness, my wildness, my shame and brokenness. His love comforts me as a mother comforts her flailing child, gently, tenderly, patiently. God is my comfort because His love is always for me and nothing can separate me from it.

God is my comfort because He is wise and all-knowing—because He sees the end from the beginning, the depths of my heart, the hairs on my head. He knows my name and counts my tears, and He sees my future and knows the end of the way I take. He leads me as a good and wise shepherd leads his sheep through green valleys and dark ravines, always knowing what’s ahead, always making a safe way even when the way is hard. He comforts me with His wisdom, for He is my Maker and He is my Savior and He is the God of all my days. He knows what heartaches I will face and how to use them for my good. He knows the way out of every pit I find myself in. God is my comfort because He has given me His Word of wisdom and His Spirit of wisdom, and He understands even when I can’t.

God is my comfort, and His comfort is always there for me, His arms always open wide. He never leaves me or forsakes me. He is with me always. He chastens me, yet He comforts me. He walks with me through every sorrow. He comforts me in all my affliction, even self- affliction. He comforts me with truth and with mercy, with power and wisdom and faithfulness.

My God is who He says He is, and He is my comfort.

Never forget or doubt– He is able to comfort you.


I’ve been thinking about Israel lately, and how they sinned against God over and over and over again, until, after many generations of terrible faithlessness and iniquity, God sent judgment on them. The book of Isaiah talks in great detail about the judgment of the Lord on His people for their sin, but then it also promises a Redeemer. And it promises comfort. I think we fall into a way of thinking that says God only comforts us when our hardships are not of our own making, but I don’t see that story in Scripture. God loves His people, and though His ways of dealing with His people have changed over time, He has never changed. Still today, when I struggle with my own sin and its consequences in my life, God  offers me comfort. His love is beyond description.

“Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth;
break forth, O mountains, into singing!
For the LORD has comforted his people
and will have compassion on his afflicted.”
Isaiah 49:13

One thought on “God My Comfort

  1. Erin it just amazes.me.how God has blessed you with a wonderful talent for writing about the things others are struggling with and telling us what we need to hear. Thank you. I believe I am going to have to read this post quite a few times. Don’t forget to bring the music show to Slater.


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