Notes from the Quaranqueen*, Episode 1

blog 3.19aToday is the third day my kids have been home from school and my workplace has been closed, and I think we’re handling it pretty well, all things considered. I have the benefit of previously homeschooling all three of the kids, and the added benefit of all of them being old enough that they don’t trash the house in five minutes anymore, and I’m very thankful for that.

Our days are scheduled out so that there is time for schoolwork, time for creativity, time for exercise, time for family fun. And of course time to stare vacantly at screens for hours on end, because what would a break from school be without zombie children for at least part of the day?

blog 3.19c

I decided this would be a good time to tackle some of the big projects I’ve been procrastinating, so every day a kid or two and I have headed into the depths of the basement to battle the spiders and dust and general mess. If they help me they get screen time before lunch, but they don’t have to help me. Today we found the book Rolie Polie Olie down there, so of course we had to have story time and I read it out loud to them.

I’ve been spending most of our read-aloud time reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which both of the boys have read lots of times but the QuaranPrincess hasn’t read yet. It’s pretty hard to find books that appeal to two sci-fi loving teenage boys and one realistic-fiction, graphic-novels-loving tween girl, so I’m open to suggestions. I have A Wrinkle in Time on tap but I think it might be a bit beyond my daughter’s interest level. We’ll see.

If our local stores don’t get toilet paper in soon, I estimate we have maybe five days left before we run out. So that’s stupid.

blog 3.19bIn the last two days I have washed everybody’s bedding and vacuumed out the silverware drawer, as one does. I have had red lipstick applied to me by a ten-year-old girl with a rather shaky application style. We have gone for two family walks where we studiously avoided all contact with other people. We have played games and written stories and practiced instruments and sung silly songs.

It all sounds quite idyllic, and I’m thankful because I know other people are struggling so much right now. But of course this isn’t just some extended holiday. Every morning I wake up anxious. Every day we have to figure out how to live under these new circumstances. Every day we face the fears that someone we love is going to get sick. The extroverted members of my family miss their social lives, and the introverted members miss their quiet house.

Also I had to cut my seventeen-year-old’s hair and it looks like a four-year-old who had just gotten into the halloween candy did it. So yeah. That’s fun.

In the end, it’s worth it if it saves lives. It really is. And I am learning that I really do like these people and all their weirdnesses. There are hard days ahead, but I know my God is sufficient for every single one of them, for every single unexpected need and lonely moment. He is enough. His grace is enough.

Here is where faith is tested, tried, made strong.

I still believe.

*I know that technically we are not under quarantine, but rather self-isolating. However, Notes from the Self-Isolaqueen isn’t as catchy, you know what I’m saying? 🙂

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