Twenty Years


Twenty Years

by Erin Kilmer

CEREMTwenty years ago today,
It was white lace and pearls,
A black tuxedo and so many flowers,
Two kids promising forever.

Twenty years ago today,
The whole future was at our feet,
And we stepped out hand in hand
With no idea what to expect.

Twenty years ago today,
We promised for better or worse
Without really believing we’d ever face
Anything that was less than best.

Twenty years ago today,
We laughed and cried and sang
And said words that were so much more than words
In front of God and loved ones.

Twenty years ago,
We did.


schnookiesTwenty years later,
It’s stretchy pants and homemade face masks,
Eye doctor appointments and working from home,
Stolen kisses in the kitchen.

Twenty years later,
We have decades behind us,
But we still face the unexpectable future
Hand in hand.

Twenty years later,
We’ve known better and worse–
Gray hair and laugh lines,
Joy and grief, full arms and empty ones.

Twenty years later,
It’s still you and I and the Keeper of the stars–
All my love shared with you, my friend,
Because great is God’s faithfulness.

Twenty years later,
I still do.

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