Christmas Peace

The calendar is full and getting fuller; the bank account is empty and getting emptier. The to-do list lengthens each day, and the radio blares out commercials and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and the latest political scandal. The children fight and yell, run around full of manic energy, flop around bored. It is […]

ACTS of Prayer, Part 4– Supplication

This is the fourth post in a series about prayer. You can read the whole series here. Supplication is asking– even begging– for something earnestly. It is the final step in our ACTS of prayer– the part of prayer we tend to think of most often when we think of praying. One of the things […]

Monday Meanderings

It’s been awhile since I blogged. Here are things that are on my mind tonight. 🙂 ******** Last week Art and I went to a conference for pastors and pastors’ wives, and it was such a good experience. I sat in ten sessions– 8 preaching-type services and 2 workshops– and had my mind and heart […]

ACTS of Prayer, part 3– Thanksgiving

Gratitude is unspeakably important in our lives as believers. Thanksgiving in prayer is an opportunity to thank God not just in general, but specifically—for things He is doing in our lives, for blessings we see and hold in our hands day by day.

What We’ve Been Up To, Week 5

It’s Saturday! Time for more mediocre pictures of our week’s activities! I know. You’ve been living for this moment, right? So here’s some of the stuff we’ve been doing this week. This was a fun activity. We painted on foil and then used q-tips to draw pictures in the paint. Then we pressed white paper […]