Wisdom And a Way Forward

Even when I’m so sure I know the destination God has in mind, I can’t always see the path from here to there.


Hearts Bound to His, part 2

Scriptures’ pages include encouragement, inspiration, beauty, help, hope, guidance, and life. Whatever we need, we can find it in the Word of God.

Hearts Bound to His, part 1

I would like to share, over a series of posts, a few of the spiritual disciplines that God has led me to over the last few years that have made a huge difference in my walk with Him.

Disciplines, Drawing Near, and He Who Promised

Here is what I have learned. If I don’t tie myself nearer to God– seek to bind myself to Him by means of spiritual discipline– I will fall away from Him.

Of Desperate Need and Hearts Bound to Him

God’s Spirit in me is far more powerful than the strongest craving of my flesh. He teaches me to hunger and thirst for righteousness, to pant like a deer for the Most High God.