Monday Meanderings, Week 10

We have reached Monday again, and it has been a glorious day in Tiny Town, Iowa. So thankful for spring! What a beautiful season. 🙂 Last night there were thunderstorms and rain, and this morning everything looked fresh-washed and glorious. Tomorrow is the first day of our last week of this school year, and we […]

July 2013: The Month of the Blog

Someone told me yesterday that I should have a blog. Heh. I’ve been pretty terrible at the whole blogging thing lately, haven’t I? And by lately, I mean for like the entire year. Possibly longer. I have been suffering from writer’s block, as well as this thing called busyness. I’m sure I’m not the only […]


1. His chin. Of course. 2. The way he makes me laugh every single day. 3. His love for me, even though I am so unlovable. 4. His constant desire to be the best husband, father, student, employee, and boss he can be. 5. The way he laughs at my jokes. 6. How our hands […]

April Showers Bring a Deeper Need for Virtual Coffee.

Seriously, y’all. The weather here is out. of. control. Wasn’t it raining last Tuesday? We’d better have a riot of May flowers, that’s all I’m saying. Speaking of which, last week I told my kids that old joke, “April showers bring may flowers, but what do Mayflowers bring?” And when they finally “got it” (it […]