Monday Meanderings, Week 16

So last week I went to camp. As a counselor, because apparently 37-year-olds are not allowed to attend as senior campers and their screening process for counselors is pretty lax. 😉 Seriously, though. What a great week. I had the best group of girls and a co-counselor named Katie who was a total kindred spirit. […]

Monday Meanderings, week 15

Last week Pooka was sick most of the week, which cut back on the fun stuff we had planned to do, like a picnic with the grandparents. And Angry Ranger was away at camp getting sunburned and exhausted (but apparently not getting any girls’ numbers, for which I am grateful), so all I’m saying is […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 13

My brain is meandering in very un-writerly ways right now; struggling to concentrate and feeling unable to create complete sentences. Here is a picture of Pooka working on her new needlepoint project. This was last Tuesday, which was the first and also the last time we worked on it. Some days I don’t have time. […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 12

My poor, neglected blog. I had every intention of filling it up last week, but we had Vacation Bible School and I had an arthritis flare and I ended up sleeping through pretty much all of my blog time and also most of my housework time. Thankfully on Friday I started feeling better! And truly, […]

What I’m Thinking about Tonight

1. It is so refreshing to spend time with friends who love the Lord. Today the kids and I went to the zoo with one of the ladies from our church, and it was just such a delightful time. I guess maybe I appreciated the adult company more than I normally would, since I have […]

We Gave Thanks

I know it’s three days after Thanksgiving, and the rest of the world has moved past the giving of the thanks and the eating of the turkey and even the shopping of the crazy sales and has flung itself madly into the arms of Christmas. But here in the Together family, we have just returned […]