Saturday Evening Ramblings

We survived five days– in a row– of school, and I feel like we deserve cookies. Unfortunately, if we are going to eat cookies I’m going to have to bake them, and I am happily ensconced in my recliner for the evening, so I guess cookies are out. I started this week with an arthritis […]

In Case You Were Curious–

Summer vacation is as amazing as I remember it being. Last year wasn’t as much a vacation as two months of insanity. This year has been much more chill so far. And that has been a beautiful thing. Change is hard. It’s hard to think about, hard to decide on, hard to embrace. That doesn’t […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 9

I meant to write this post several hours ago, but I’m reading Gods and Generals right now and sitting with my nose in a book seemed way more enjoyable at the time than writing in my blog. Yay for Monday and days off, am I right? Last week was super busy and high-pressure for our […]

Of Glitter and Glory

They are three little girls like stairsteps at the table across from me– 2nd grade, 1st grade, kindergarten. One set of too-big grown-up teeth, one laughably naked upper gum, one even row of baby teeth. So many changes in just a couple years. We are learning a verse together, in dramatic fashion, because all of […]

How Becoming the Church Pianist Changed My Life

When I was sixteen, I took piano lessons for about a year from a dear older lady named Doris who gave lessons for free to anyone who would help clean the church building. Then she wanted me to start doing scales, and I quit. I’ve never been one for follow-through. When God called us to […]

Sunday Blessings, Episode 3

1. Spur-of-the-moment potlucks. Don’t mess with the Church Ladies. We know how to bring the baked goods. 2. Encouraging words. 3. Laughing together as a family. 4. Knowing there is no such thing as goodbye when we have Jesus in common. 5. Long conversations with girlfriends. 6. “When We All Get to Heaven” 7. Being […]

Little Blessings on a Sunday

“Have you lost weight? Your face looks thinner!” New friends, and their kids, joining us for lunch. Fellowship with strangers as brothers and sisters in the Lord. 🙂 Sugar free coffee caramel Werther’s. Sitting by my husband in church, thanks to a guest speaker– it doesn’t happen very often! Naps. Always naps. The sounds of […]

Three Minutes in our Pew

Our church is having special offerings this month to send our missionaries each a Christmas check. This morning, while we were singing the first hymn, I thought maybe the boys would like to put the coins in their pockets into the missionary fund instead of into the regular offering. I probably should have gone through […]