In Case You Were Curious–

Summer vacation is as amazing as I remember it being. Last year wasn’t as much a vacation as two months of insanity. This year has been much more chill so far. And that has been a beautiful thing. Change is hard. It’s hard to think about, hard to decide on, hard to embrace. That doesn’t […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 12

My poor, neglected blog. I had every intention of filling it up last week, but we had Vacation Bible School and I had an arthritis flare and I ended up sleeping through pretty much all of my blog time and also most of my housework time. Thankfully on Friday I started feeling better! And truly, […]

Life Goes On

Life goes on, even when it doesn’t– even when some deep part of my heart has stopped beating and my soul can’t breathe. I don’t know if it’s comforting or not to think that outside the four dead walls of my heart the world spins with its joy-and-sadness, birth-and-death, sunrise-sunset whirlwind. You post about your […]