In Case You Were Curious–

Summer vacation is as amazing as I remember it being. Last year wasn’t as much a vacation as two months of insanity. This year has been much more chill so far. And that has been a beautiful thing. Change is hard. It’s hard to think about, hard to decide on, hard to embrace. That doesn’t […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 13

My brain is meandering in very un-writerly ways right now; struggling to concentrate and feeling unable to create complete sentences. Here is a picture of Pooka working on her new needlepoint project. This was last Tuesday, which was the first and also the last time we worked on it. Some days I don’t have time. […]

Reflecting on 2015, part 2

16. What are some places where you feel true joy in your life? To me, joy isn’t a place, it’s people. I find joy when I’m laughing with my family, when I’m with my Bible study girls, among the amazing people of our church, (that picture is from our Christmas program at church; I couldn’t […]

Sunday Blessings, Episode 3

1. Spur-of-the-moment potlucks. Don’t mess with the Church Ladies. We know how to bring the baked goods. 2. Encouraging words. 3. Laughing together as a family. 4. Knowing there is no such thing as goodbye when we have Jesus in common. 5. Long conversations with girlfriends. 6. “When We All Get to Heaven” 7. Being […]

Little Blessings on a Sunday

“Have you lost weight? Your face looks thinner!” New friends, and their kids, joining us for lunch. Fellowship with strangers as brothers and sisters in the Lord. 🙂 Sugar free coffee caramel Werther’s. Sitting by my husband in church, thanks to a guest speaker– it doesn’t happen very often! Naps. Always naps. The sounds of […]

All of the Excitement, It Is Right Here in This Post

It’s only five months till my birthday. I’m just giving you a fair warning, because I want you to have plenty of time to buy me a fabulous present. I’m going to be 35 this year. The fact that I just started my blog post that way should show you how very exciting my day […]

Slapdash Saturday, edition 28– Ooh, Look at the Creative Title!

I am just so thrilled that it is time for another Slapdash Saturday, since I have no idea what to talk about. I guess I could start with the entirely gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. It has been awesome. I love me some fall. I feel like it’s flying away already though, since the […]

Slapdash Saturday, edition 15 and 16– Two for the Price of One!

So apparently I have this thing here called a blog, and apparently I am supposed to write things in it. Who knew? I’d like to say that the reason I’ve only posted twice this month is because I have been saving the world or writing the next Great American Novel or knitting sweaters for underprivileged […]