Truth That Matters; Truth That Doesn’t

If the exact same words, spoken by God Himself, turn up in front of your eyes twice in the same day, you should probably sit up and take notice. Last week, it was these words– But I will be with you. I read it in Exodus, when God calls Moses and Moses cannot comprehend how […]

He Who Called You

God has been teaching me about faithfulness. I have always been one who likes my reward immediately. Delayed gratification? No thank you. Mostly what I want is instant success and a whole lot of people telling me how wonderful I am. You know, like how people were with Jesus when He was on earth. Oh, […]

The Good Fight, Part 4– Seeking Whom He May Devour

This week I want to talk about how Satan attacks us. Last time, we explored a bit about when we are most vulnerable to his attacks, and before that we looked at the nature of temptation. We must remember that temptation starts in our own hearts, and we have no right to blame it all […]