Truth That Matters; Truth That Doesn’t

If the exact same words, spoken by God Himself, turn up in front of your eyes twice in the same day, you should probably sit up and take notice. Last week, it was these words– But I will be with you. I read it in Exodus, when God calls Moses and Moses cannot comprehend how […]

Founder and Finisher

Christ knows what it is to run the race, to endure the cross, to keep going for the joy of the finish line and His Father’s face.

Monday Meanderings, Week 12

My poor, neglected blog. I had every intention of filling it up last week, but we had Vacation Bible School and I had an arthritis flare and I ended up sleeping through pretty much all of my blog time and also most of my housework time. Thankfully on Friday I started feeling better! And truly, […]

The Good Fight, Part 3– Roaring Lion

Our enemy knows us. He has studied human nature since time began, and he is cunning and crafty. He knows our idols, our fears, our struggles, and our weak spots. Satan is an enemy to be taken seriously, and we should respect that fact.