My God Is for Me

David refused to give into doubt and fear. He knew that no harm could come to him, because his God was trustworthy.


Wisdom And a Way Forward

Even when I’m so sure I know the destination God has in mind, I can’t always see the path from here to there.

Hearts Bound to His, part 1

I would like to share, over a series of posts, a few of the spiritual disciplines that God has led me to over the last few years that have made a huge difference in my walk with Him.

Of Battle and Comfort and Truth

Some mornings I sit here in front of this screen and I know exactly what I want to write and how I want to write it. The words come pouring out of the tips of my fingers in an almost miraculous way. This is not one of those mornings. Some mornings I know what I […]

The Good Fight, Part 4– Seeking Whom He May Devour

This week I want to talk about how Satan attacks us. Last time, we explored a bit about when we are most vulnerable to his attacks, and before that we looked at the nature of temptation. We must remember that temptation starts in our own hearts, and we have no right to blame it all […]