Stuff I’m Thinking About

Obedience in one area, and how it relates to my life as a whole. If I’m not following God’s path for me in one area, it can totally derail everything else. I love to read several books at a time, but if I get too many going I start to panic and then all I […]

Changing and Unchanging

I sat on the floor, surrounded by tissue paper, slowly unwrapping ornaments. So many ornaments. We don’t have a designer tree and the decorations aren’t placed with geometrical precision. No professional decorator would allow a fun foam penguin that is missing an eye to hang on her tree. At least two of our ornaments are […]

What I’m Thinking about Tonight

1. It is so refreshing to spend time with friends who love the Lord. Today the kids and I went to the zoo with one of the ladies from our church, and it was just such a delightful time. I guess maybe I appreciated the adult company more than I normally would, since I have […]


His brother is in Omaha this week, getting royally spoiled by my parents. Without a constant companion, Bubs isn’t sure what to do with himself. Art and I aren’t very good at Legos, you know. And Squeezy mostly just likes to steal them for a little choking opportunity snack. He’s been reading a lot. About […]

In Which My Son Gets Approximately Seven Years Older in Three Days’ Time

This is a picture of Stinky from Saturday morning. Art’s been going crazy on account of that poor child’s hair. So Saturday afternoon we finally got him in for a haircut (Thanks Mom!). Then today, his new glasses arrived. And now, I just cannot deal with how big and grown up he looks. Somebody hold […]