In Case You Were Curious–

Summer vacation is as amazing as I remember it being. Last year wasn’t as much a vacation as two months of insanity. This year has been much more chill so far. And that has been a beautiful thing. Change is hard. It’s hard to think about, hard to decide on, hard to embrace. That doesn’t […]


I am a mother five times over. five times? you say, looking around my house obviously populated by three — three kids smiling from pictures on the walls– three kids’ artwork proudly displayed– three kids’ worth of beds and clothes and Legos and dollies and schoolbooks. Yes, Five. Five hearts have beaten under my own– […]

After This Breath

In a way, every step we take in this life carries us through the valley of the shadow of death. Every breath, every heartbeat, every word, every moment– all are limited and overshadowed by the reality that we live in a world that is dying. Some days we can forget it, or we can ignore […]


Sometimes eternity is just a breath away. I feel it right there—just beyond what I can touch and taste and smell. Its joy fills me and overwhelms with expectation sometimes. Sometimes eternity is a matter of fear. I skirt around its reminders of my mortality, of my dust, my wood, hay, stubble clung to in […]

In the Morning

He says He will wipe all tears from our eyes. Scarred hands strong to save tenderly wiping away every heartache. We will know no more sorrow– just pure joy untainted by any drop of grief. Oh for that day– Oh for those gentle mighty hands– Oh for that joy! Draw me in, dear Lord. Draw […]


Two years have passed since we learned that our third son lay dead within my womb. The what-ifs, the should-have-beens, they still claw at my heart occasionally. They touch that place that after two years is still tender to their ungentle touch. I imagine him in heaven, all chubby legs and blond hair and noisy […]