Following Jesus Lower

We can be so clueless, fighting our way to the top, while all the time Jesus is calling us to take up our cross and follow Him lower.


Failure, Pride, and God’s Agenda

How it must grieve my Lord’s heart when I fail to trust Him, fail to obey, to stand up, to do what is right, though He has been preparing and teaching me for this very thing.

The Good Fight, Part 5– Attitudes of a Warrior

Knowing that we are under attack, how should we respond? God’s Word contains both attitudes and actions that will enable us to experience victory and growth in every trial and temptation.

In Due Season

Sometimes obedience doesn’t come with an immediate reward, and we doubt. We make the sacrifice in faith that in due season we will reap, if we do not faint, and then when time passes and there seems to be no harvest, not even a small hint of fruit, we despair. His ways are not our […]