Monday Meanderings, Week 16

So last week I went to camp. As a counselor, because apparently 37-year-olds are not allowed to attend as senior campers and their screening process for counselors is pretty lax. đŸ˜‰ Seriously, though. What a great week. I had the best group of girls and a co-counselor named Katie who was a total kindred spirit. […]

Monday Meanderings, week 15

Last week Pooka was sick most of the week, which cut back on the fun stuff we had planned to do, like a picnic with the grandparents. And Angry Ranger was away at camp getting sunburned and exhausted (but apparently not getting any girls’ numbers, for which I am grateful), so all I’m saying is […]

Monday Meanderings, week 14

I know. It’s Tuesday. Tuesday night, actually. But this is my blog and if I want to do my Monday Meander on Tuesday night, I feel pretty much okay with that. Last week, in true Weird Homeschooler fashion, we started our new school year. We had a decent first week, with no unexpected drama and […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 11

It’s almost 10:00 at night and I’ve had a tummyache all day and it seems completely ridiculous to even attempt a real blog post right now. Since my last Monday Meanderings post, my daughter turned seven, we finished our sixth year of homeschooling, and we took a huge road trip to Louisiana, Indiana, and then […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 10

We have reached Monday again, and it has been a glorious day in Tiny Town, Iowa. So thankful for spring! What a beautiful season. đŸ™‚ Last night there were thunderstorms and rain, and this morning everything looked fresh-washed and glorious. Tomorrow is the first day of our last week of this school year, and we […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 9

I meant to write this post several hours ago, but I’m reading Gods and Generals right now and sitting with my nose in a book seemed way more enjoyable at the time than writing in my blog. Yay for Monday and days off, am I right? Last week was super busy and high-pressure for our […]

Monday Meanderings, Week 8

It’s a new week, full of super exciting meanderings! Okay, probably not really actually. Last week kind of flew by in a blur, so I’m honestly not even sure what I’m going to talk about this afternoon. Books! I can always talk about books! I just finished reading Emma and I have to say I […]

Monday Meanderings 5

I failed to post Monday Meanderings last week because I meandered right off the step of our garage and sprained my ankle and so spent my Monday evening having an Unnecessary and Expensive X-Ray. My ankle and a large portion of my foot have been large and colorful for a week now and I’m kind […]

Monday Meanderings 4

Welcome to my fancy redecorated  blog! I’ve been thinking it was time for a facelift, and I’ve been wanting to take the kids’ faces off the front page as my focus has shifted from mostly posts about my family to mostly posts of a spiritual nature. My amazing friend Mindy has this journaling Bible that […]