Disciplines, Drawing Near, and He Who Promised

Here is what I have learned. If I don’t tie myself nearer to God– seek to bind myself to Him by means of spiritual discipline– I will fall away from Him.


A Little Bit of Light

Everywhere I look in my house there’s a mess that needs cleaning, a problem that needs solving, a person that needs loving.

Weariness, Well-doing, and a Wonderful God

Sometimes I wonder if there is any point at all to the time and energy these things require. We all want to make a difference. We want to see some kind of fruit for our work.

Monday Meanderings, Week 7

We are in the middle of the busy and the crazy of several completely insane weeks on the family calendar. And in the midst of this, I hear this small voice saying to write. I am trying to have faith that, if I walk in obedience and write, I will be blessed with time for […]

Faith, Obedience, and the Next Step

Lately I’ve been feeling a tug at my heart– a call. Write. Write. Write. I’ve been avoiding it. I’m so busy. So tired. I have three kids, all homeschooled. We are busy with church, with school, with lessons and classes and so much laundry. Life is so full, so crazy. But still, in the quiet […]