Puddles and Rain

I’m sure I must look crazy, with my pants rolled up to just below my knees, my glasses spattered with raindrops, my shirt splashed with both mud and water. If you’re going to make a fool of yourself, you might as well do it during rush hour traffic, right? I guess maybe this isn’t the […]

Slapdash Saturday, edition 21– Water, Water Everywhere. And Also Butterflies.

This has been a weird week. For the first half of the week we were caught in an entirely miserable weather pattern of extreme heat and humidity all day and thunderstorms all night. I am not a fan of extreme heat and humidity, and the older I get the more I dislike thunderstorms. Mostly because […]

We Are Not Underwater.

I realized when my poor father-in-law emailed me today that what with all the flooding in Iowa and the lack of blog activity this week, y’all might be under the impression that we’re flooded out. We aren’t. We are praising God for a working sump pump. So far so good. We’re supposed to get more […]