Saturday Evening Ramblings

We survived five days– in a row– of school, and I feel like we deserve cookies. Unfortunately, if we are going to eat cookies I’m going to have to bake them, and I am happily ensconced in my recliner for the evening, so I guess cookies are out. I started this week with an arthritis […]

In His Good Hand

This morning I took eight and a half pills with my green smoothie, and tonight before bed I will take three more. That’s par for the course; on Mondays I add nine extra to my morning meds. I am thankful for my drugs– because of all those pills I can walk without limping, open bottles […]

Some Thoughts

Thanks to my husband, there are now curtains in five rooms of our house now! That only leaves three still in need! Sometimes I think that the right to vote gives us this feeling that somehow we are in charge of who leads us. This isn’t true. God is sovereign and He has control over […]